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Thursday, 2020-10-01, 11:28 AM

Welcome To MapleLoop

Welcome Guest
Server Info


NetID : mapleloop
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop2
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop3
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop4
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop5
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop6
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop7
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop8
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop7
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop9
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop10
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop11
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop12
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop13
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop14
Pass : maple
NetID : mapleloop15
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop16
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop17
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop18
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop19
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop20
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop21
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop22
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop23
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop24
Pass : maple
NetId : mapleloop25
Pass : maple

To Register Go To

Well Hope you enjoy my server

Any Problems post them at the forums or email me at

Or PM Alex or Saph For Help

-☆- Rates-☆-
☆ Exp: 250
☆ Meso: 300
☆ Droprate: 100

-♪- Features -♪-
♪ Bosses Are In FM!
♪ Spinel is the teleporter
♪ Frederick in FM sells buffs/gachapon tickets/Smegas And Ton Of Other Stuff You Will Need Like White Scrolls
♪ Trade button warps you to FM
♪ Cody is the Job Adv NPC
♪ Skills such as Shadow Claw, Infinity, and Hurricane are functional
♪ Style NPC's working (Including Showa)
♪ Rebirth NPC is Nana in Henesys or You May You The Command @rebirth
♪ Spiegalman in Kerning sells scrolls
♪ Many PQ's are functional
♪ Gachapons are working
♪ Guilds
♪ Plenty more I can't think of, and plenty more to be added

1.@str 15 if they want 15 str @int 192 if they want 192 int @dex 1 if they want 1 dex @luk 9 if they want 9 dex
2.@exp -- This Command Fixes Negative Exp
3.@rebirth -- Rebirths You Duh!
4.@save -- very useful command if the server ever crashes and your using iLoop Non-Dc Client Your Char Will Be Save I Advise Using Every 10-20mins.
5.@pvp5 Tells You The Top 5 Pvper's Who Wil win MUHAHA.
6.@@helpwith -- Tells You SOme Of The Things You Need To Know about The Server. New Users USE IT!

Hey Guys Ive Just Finished Adding Pets You Can Now Buy Them From Cliff in The Fm =)

Also Have Added Bosses To All Fm's From 1-22 ImSure Youll Like It =P.

Another Game Update is That I added A New Pvp Map im Sure Youll like It Better then the FM PVp Just Talk To MapleClaws in Fm To Get There.

Also A Mini Wedding.

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